Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Jersey needs Joe Kyrillos to run for statewide office

New Jersey is in a state of fiscal crisis. State spending is out of control, and rising taxes are making New Jersey unaffordable. Washington is just as broken. We believe that State Senator Joe Kyrillos is a leader who can unite Republicans and Democrats and change the way our broken government does business.

New Jersey needs Joe Kyrillos to run for statewide office.

In the State Senate, Joe Kyrillos has been a leader on the issues most important to New Jerseyans. He has fought for lower taxes to ease the burden on middle class families and small businesses, he was a leading voice in the effort to keep Fort Monmouth open and operating, and he has led the charge on desperately needed ethics reform.

Joe would be a candidate who could bring the moderate and conservative wings of the Republican party together in a united effort to fix our broken government.

Taking into consideration both his principled record in the legislature and his chairmanship of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in New Jersey, Joe Kyrillos has proven himself to be the kind of hardworking, outside-the-box leader we need as U.S. Senator or New Jersey Governor.

This blog will be used to highlight Joe's record of leadership, and to encourage him to get into the race to change New Jersey.

Please share your thoughts and offer your encouragement.

If you are an elected official who would like to sign on to our effort to Draft Kyrillos, please contact us at


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